We provide cloud based security solutions to protect your devices anywhere.

Powerful Platform

Using AWS for our backend, we provide reliable solutions that scale with your business needs

Machine Learning

As threats evolve we are constantly learning the TTPs and our software adapts to keep you protected

Blazing Performance

Access to what you want, when you want it, fast. Respond to incidents in near real-time

Cloud Sourced Intel

Shared intelligence helps protect all of our cloud customers. If a threat is detected, it is mitigated across our platform

Data Driven

Advance threat data gives us the ability to protect against the known and unknown. Rich customer and OSINT data provides valuable insight

Flexible Access

Once the agent is installed on a device you can access critical information from anywhere.

Endpoint Protection MAXIMIZED

EDR has many faces these days, but Wolverine has taken endpoint detection and response to the next level. EDR technologies provide a richer depth of behavior based anomaly detection and visibility into information relevant for detecting and mitigating advanced threats of all varieties.

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